What do I need to do with my practices old medical records

Medical practices in the UK are required to store medical records for long periods of time, which can make storage a bit of a challenge, especially for smaller practices. NHS standards mean long periods of retention for most medical records including notes, medical records and legal documents in case they are needed in the future.

How to decide which records to dispose of and which to store?

As mentioned above, most medical records are required to be stored for long periods of time, so it is vital you correctly identify which documents can be disposed of and which require storage.

Categorising paperwork is the easiest way to begin the process of deciding what can be disposed of and what needs to be kept. Any materials that can be categorised as financial, meeting minutes or marketing material should be able to be disposed of without hassle. We do recommend utilising a certified confidential waste disposal service when disposing of and shredding to ensure you maintain patient confidentiality and comply with GDPR policies.

Patient records are usually required to be stored safely and accessibly for the duration of the patient’s life, and in some cases for up to 10 years after death. You can use a range of government tools to cross-reference information including the government’s Will and Probate Search. If you are a small practice, it is likely you won’t have the physical storage space to safely store all documentation. This is why we offer medical archive storage as well as providing you with medical storage boxes also known as ‘Lloyd George’ storage boxes.

Can Flexible Storage Solutions store my practice’s old medical documents?

Yes, here at Flexible Storage we offer medical archive storage solutions to make the storage of your documents simple and reduce the amount of paperwork stored on-site at your practice. We store medical records using Lloyd George records boxes, these boxes have been used for years in the UK and provide secure storage of confidential medical records and documents. 

Our team have years of experience safely and securely storing medical records. Our file management system is fully GDPR-compliant and gives you online to access to manage and retrieve medical documents stored at our facility from your desk.

Can Flexible Storage Solutions destroy my practice’s old medical documents?

At Flexible Storage, we offer a confidential waste service, meaning that we can indeed dispose of any obsolete medical documents. We can facilitate the secure destruction of your confidential medical waste through our fully licensed, GDPR-compliant partner. Our service guarantees that your documents will be professionally shredded, and each destruction will come with full certification for peace of mind.

To find out more about our medical archive storage and medical confidential waste disposal services, contact our team.

September 24, 2021