As we’re all more than aware, office space isn’t cheap, especially if you live in London or any other major city in the UK. That’s why it’s crucial that you are using your working space in the most efficient way possible.

Optimising your office’s storage space is more than just making it look tidy (although that is definitely a big benefit too). Efficient storage management will ensure that your business can function effectively, while also reducing your running costs, minimise your environmental impact and improve your overall working conditions.

And we’re not talking huge architectural changes here either. We’re going to explore the simple, practical office storage ideas that you can incorporate into your office, which won’t break the bank but will streamline your business.   


First and foremost, get rid of anything that you no longer need. This may sound obvious but people are often surprised at how much rubbish can quickly build up in office cabinets, drawers and desks.

A cluttered office is not only unsightly; it makes it harder for staff to find items they actually need. This wastes valuable time, slows productivity and generally puts staff in a bad mood as soon as they enter their office. None of this is conducive to a business that wants to operate at its full potential.

Encourage staff to be strict when it comes to keeping items in the office – only keep what is necessary and used on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you have to turn your office into a minimalist cell, just that you should think practically about your available office space and avoid unnecessary clutter. This applies to office furniture just as much as it applies to office files. If you don’t use it, get rid of it.

Wall Storage                     

Also known as ‘vertical expansion’, looking towards your walls for office storage solutions is an increasingly popular strategy. While you may not be able to add any more floor space to your office, there are other ways to optimise available office space.

From traditional shelving to more contemporary wall pockets and hooks, taking advantage of vertical space will help free up floor and desk space and avoid the need for cumbersome filing cabinets and awkward coat stands. Adjustable shelves allows your storage space to expand or contract depending on your current storage needs. Other space saving, wall-mounted options include wall file organisers, pegboards and even glass boards or writable walls to replace bulky flip charts.

Walls are often neglected when it comes to office storage opportunities. To make the most of your available space, think outside of the box (well, at least consider its walls).

Adaptable Desks

When most people think of offices, they think of traditional furniture. Desks, chairs, cabinets – the usual office suspects. For the most part, these items are heavy, clunky and very hard to move.

However, offices are changing. Bulky office furniture is being replaced by lighter, cheaper and more adaptable items. The dwindling reliance on paper documents means that the days of heavy chairs and big desks stuffed with paperwork are coming to an end.

Small, streamlined desks are the future, providing you with enough space to work while also being able to store necessary files without swamping all available office space.

Putting your office monitors on adjustable arms is another great way to free up space in your office. This will allow employees to easily move their monitors out of their way when more desktop space is needed. More workspace on desks means less space needed for storage. It’s practical and it looks cool too.

Reduce Paper Waste Storage

One of the biggest space consumers in any office is, undoubtedly, paperwork. From bills to business records to general office files, all of these documents can build up in offices of any size or sector.

Despite the gradual migration of many businesses to a digitally focused, ‘paperless’ office, the day-to-day reality is that most businesses in the UK still have to process and store a great deal of their documentation. Instead of letting it build up over time in a desk drawer or storage cupboard, there are much more efficient and responsible options out there.

Without doubt, the best way to prevent your office from drowning in paperwork is to take advantage of a confidential waste collection service. Professional waste collection companies can collect all of your paperwork at regular intervals or on an ad-hoc basis, preventing any substantial build up in your office. There’s no need to dedicate an entire cabinet or cupboard to confidential waste if it can be secured in a confidential waste disposal console, which will be collected by a qualified confidential waste handler (such as Flexible Storage), securely shredded and recycled.

This service is not only convenient and space saving, but it will ensure that your business is fully compliant GDPR regulations concerning confidential waste.  Confidential waste collection benefits your employees, your business and your customers – it’s win-win-win situation!

Off-site Storage

Perhaps the best storage idea to optimise your office space is to not store your paperwork at all – let Flexible Storage store it for you!

As a professional storage facility, we can store all of your confidential documents in our secure archiving centre. Our online file management service will allow you to easily store and retrieve your indexed files from the comfort of your own office. No need for bulky storage cabinets, cluttered workspaces or bigger, costly offices, we can store your documents (and any other office furniture or self storage items) so you don’t have to.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your storage options and ensure you’re making the most of your available office space.

May 14, 2019

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