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Medical Archive Storage

Delivering excellent healthcare is dependent on having well-organised medical records. More patients mean more paperwork, so it all needs to be stored efficiently. Maintaining well-organised medical records is crucial to delivering excellent healthcare services. With so many patients and multiple clinicians contributing to patient care, it’s vital that all medical records and documents are stored and managed in the most efficient way possible. From Lloyd George records to progress notes to test results, failure to meet these standards can often result in mistakes and delays that ultimately put the wellbeing of patients at risk.

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Medical Records Archiving & Management

Medical records – in both private healthcare and public NHS – are some of the most sensitive documents we store at our archiving centre. Whilst many clinical records can now be stored online, most are legally required to be stored in their physical, paper form (such as Lloyd George GP records). It’s the highly confidential nature of medical documents that emphasises the importance of securely storing them in accordance with the Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care 2016. Medical records are essential to allowing continuity of care for patients and, when you consider that there are over 65 million people in the UK, that’s an awful lot of paperwork.

Storing this quantity of medical documents and data on-site is both time and space consuming. These records will only accumulate over time as all existing patients’ documents are subject to lengthy retention periods. Flexible Storage offers you a professional medical records storage service you can trust.

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Medical Document Retention Periods:

  • GP records – at least 10 years after the death of the patient or after they have permanently left the UK (unless they remain in the EU).
  • Maternity records – at least 25 years after the birth of the last child.
  • Mental health records – at least 20 years after the date of last contact or 10 years after the death of the patient.
  • Children and young people – at least until the patient’s 25th birthday or 8 years after their death.
  • Armed forces personnel – retained indefinitely
  • Prisoner records – retained indefinitely
  • All other hospital records – at least 8 years after the end of treatment or their death.
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Lloyd George Records Storage

As one of the most durable and long-lasting documents in the healthcare sector, Lloyd George GP records are some of the most common medical records we store at the Flexible Storage archiving facility. Named after the WW1 Prime Minister and having been used in the UK for over 100 years, Lloyd George records have a history that long predates the NHS. While these medical records have certainly stood the test of time, they are still in need of a secure storage space where they can be stored for the duration of their retention periods while also still being easily accessible to healthcare professionals. An experienced medical records storage facility such as Flexible Storage can provide both this security and accessibility, all at a competitive price.

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Healthcare Data Storage and Retrieval

Allowing Flexible Storage to store and manage your files will ensure that your medical documents are in the safest possible hands and fully compliant with GDPR. We will collect, index and store all of your healthcare data in our specialised archiving centre. Document retrieval has never been easier than with our file management service, which gives you full online access to manage and retrieve any files from the comfort of your own desk. Our deep storage service is another great cost-effective solution for medical records that do not need regular access but have long retention periods.

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Destroying Confidential Medical Documents

As medical documents are highly confidential, it’s imperative that they are safely destroyed when they are no longer needed. At Flexible Storage, we can facilitate the secure destruction of your confidential waste through our fully licensed partner company. This service guarantees that your medical files will be professionally shredded as each destruction comes with full certification.

All of our medical archive storage, management and destruction services are tailored to your company’s specific needs so you are receiving the best possible service. Get in touch with one of our professional storage consultants today to receive a tailored quote for all of your medical archive storage needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does medical archive storage cost?

The cost of our medical archive storage service depends on factors such as the volume of documents, the level of security required, the duration of storage, and additional services such as document pickup, indexing, and retrieval. At Flexible Storage Solutions, we provide customised quotes based on the specific needs and requirements of each healthcare organisation.

How long should medical records be kept in archive storage?

The retention period for medical records varies based on legal requirements, healthcare regulations, and organisational policies. We work closely with healthcare organisations to determine the appropriate retention periods for different types of medical records, ensuring compliance while minimising storage costs and risks associated with premature disposal.

How can healthcare organisations access their archived medical documents when needed?

We offer convenient retrieval options for healthcare organisations to access their archived medical documents. They can request specific records by providing relevant information, such as patient details or document identifiers. Our team will promptly locate and deliver the requested documents either physically or electronically, depending on the organisation's preference.

Is medical archive storage compliant with privacy and security regulations?

Yes, as a responsible service provider, we prioritise the privacy and security of medical records. Our facilities and processes adhere to strict industry standards and compliance requirements, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in the United States. We implement robust security protocols to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the stored medical documents.

How does medical archive storage work?

Our medical archive storage service involves the collection, organisation, and secure storage of medical documents and records. We provide professional assistance in packing and indexing the documents, ensuring they are properly labelled and categorised for easy retrieval. The records are stored in a controlled environment equipped with security measures, such as restricted access controls, video surveillance, and fire suppression systems.

What types of medical documents can be stored in medical archive storage?

Our medical archive storage service can accommodate a wide range of medical documents, including GP records in Lloyd George style folders, patient charts, medical history records, lab reports, diagnostic imaging studies (X-rays, MRI scans, etc.), pathology reports, insurance information, and consent forms. We also support the storage of electronic medical records (EMRs) and other digital healthcare data.

Why is medical archive storage important for healthcare organisations?

Medical archive storage is crucial for healthcare organisations for several reasons. It helps them meet legal and regulatory obligations regarding patient record retention. By securely storing medical records off-site, it frees up valuable space in healthcare facilities for more active use. Additionally, it ensures the protection and preservation of sensitive patient information, minimising the risk of loss, damage, or unauthorised access.

What is medical archive storage?

Medical archive storage is a specialised service that provides secure storage for medical records, imaging studies, and other healthcare-related documents. As a service provider, we ensure the safekeeping and accessibility of these records, allowing healthcare organisations to comply with regulatory requirements and efficiently manage their patient data.


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