Self Storage London

As one of the busiest, most populated cities in the world, space is often hard to come by in London. And the space that is available often comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention the lengthy binding contracts. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. At Flexible Storage, we offer professional self storage to meet London’s growing storage demands.

A Self Storage Facility For All Of London

At Flexible Storage, we provide secure, cost-effective self storage units to individuals and businesses all across London and the South East. Our customer base consists of London businesses across a variety of sectors including construction, administration and retail, as well as public sector organisations such as schools and councilsNo London business is too big or too small for Flexible Storage as we offer a variety of bespoke services to cater to all storage needs.

Self Storage London Services

  • Flexible, cost-effective rolling contracts
  • Secure, water and fireproof storage units
  • Great for businesses, students and individuals

Maximum Security Storage Units London

Our specialised storage facility on the edge of East London is secured with code-activated gates, DBS-checked staff and 24 hour CCTV surveillance. All of our staff are professionally trained and fully vetted to ensure we provide the best possible service and are always in compliance with GDPR and data protection legislation.

Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit in London

  • Moving house or office – temporarily store your belongings on short-term contracts.
  • Long holidays or moving abroad – cost-effective, long-term storage when you’re away.
  • Building work – keep your items safe and out of the way while the work takes place.
  • Unforeseen circumstances – storage can provide a quick and easy solution in the event of difficult circumstances such as death or divorce. 
  • Vehicle storage – a cheap and accessible solution to your car storage needs.

Are you based in London and looking for close but cost-effective storage? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your storage options and even receive a quote.

Seamless, professional & GDPR compliant

“Ellison’s have used Flexible’s services for a number of years. Following the enactment of the GDPR regulations, and due to the excellent relationship and service provided by Flexible, the decision was made to place all Ellison’s archive file storage and confidential waste management requirements with Flexible Storage Solutions. Their high service standards extended into project management, allowing a short mobilisation period and a seamless implementation. ”

Tim Johnson, Ellisons Solicitors


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