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From huge law firms to single solicitors, all legal businesses process masses of documentation. As experts in the law, you’ll kn(...)

From huge law firms to single solicitors, all legal businesses process masses of documentation. As experts in the law, you’ll know that they all need secure legal archive storage. Every aspect of the legal industry deals with huge amounts of paperwork on a daily basis. From international law firms to individual solicitors, all companies within the legal sector need to be able to manage masses of confidential documentation for extended periods of time. These documents need to be securely stored but easily accessible, as some files such as wills will have to be retrieved at an indeterminate point in the future.

Why choose us?

  • Free Initial Box Collection
  • Fireproof Storage
  • Document indexing, tracking & retrieval
  • Storage to destruction service
  • Fully compliant with GDPR
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified


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    Regulatory Compliant

    Perhaps more than any other sector, law practices need to be completely compliant with all data protection laws. The introduction of new GDPR regulations in 2018 has made it more important than ever to ensure all of your legal documents, files, contracts and records are appropriately stored and easily retrieved.

    Storing and managing legal documents on-site can be impractical and often leads to office spaces becoming cluttered and disorganised. Cataloguing and managing all of your legal records is very time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. This is far from ideal for professional law companies who are processing large quantities of confidential information in an office with already limited space.

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    Will Storage

    Wills are one of the most important documents in all of our lives. Even though we live in an increasingly digital age, the original paper copies of wills and deeds will need to be carefully stored for future reference. Whether you’re a law firm or an individual customer, it’s imperative that wills and other legal documents are securely stored and easily accessible.

    While some law firms and solicitors may store their clients’ wills, not all offer this service, either due to lack of available space or concerns over security. A secure, cheap and convenient storage solution to your will storage concerns can be found in Flexible’s archive storage service.

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    Bespoke legal archive storage services

    Why not let Flexible Storage take this stress away with our legal archive storage and management service? We can collect, index and store all of your documents and legal records in our specialist archiving centre. Our storage services can be tailored to your specific needs and range from will storage to long-term ‘deep storage’ to an online file management service that gives you full access to manage and retrieve documents via the Flexible Storage website.

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    Legal document destruction

    Legal firms are some of the busiest companies in the world with a constant turnover of cases and related paperwork. As such, legal documents and records can build up very quickly. Any files that are no longer useful or have exceeded their retention period will need to be securely destroyed. At Flexible Storage, we can ensure that your confidential documents are professionally shredded with our fully licensed partner company, certification will be issued after every destruction.

    Legal file retention periods:

    • Minimum of 7 years – Commercial Transactions, Debt Collection, Inheritance Tax, Licensing, Litigation, Patents, Power of Attorney, Estate Agent Sales.
    • Minimum of 16 years – Commercial Property, Advice on Guarantee, Declaration of Trust, Probate, Sale & Purchase of Properties, Transfer of Equity & Ownership.
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    Our legal archive storage service is suitable for:

    •      Client Records
    •      Contracts
    •      Wills, Deeds & Death Certificates
    •      Mortgage Files
    •      Conveyancing Records
    •      Legal Packets
    •      Disclosure Documents
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    By taking advantage of our bespoke archive storage services, you can securely store, track and manage all of your legal files without worrying about finding the space in your office to keep them. We are fully compliant with GDPR and all of our staff are security vetted, so you know your documents are in the safest possible hands. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team today to discuss the ideal archive storage service for your legal business.

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