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Financial Archive Storage

The finance sector is one of the most document heavy industries in the economy. With its strict statutory regulations, masses of d(...)

The finance sector is one of the most document heavy industries in the economy. With its strict statutory regulations, masses of data and highly sensitive information, special care has to be taken to securely store financial documents to ensure full protection and GDPR compliance.

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    We are fully GDPR Compliant

    As financial documents naturally deal with confidential information regarding a company or individual’s finances, they are particularly prone to security breaches and fraud. This only emphasises the importance of storing financial documents in specialised storage facilities where you can rest assured that they are in the safest possible hands but still easily retrieved.

    At Flexible Storage, we provide professional archiving services for businesses in the financial sector. All of your confidential documents – from client information to tax records – will be securely stored in our archiving facility in water and fireproof containers under 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

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    Indexing and Tracking

    Our financial archive storage service is convenient as well as secure, with a bespoke indexing and tracking system that gives you ultimate control for efficient data and records management. Our file management service uses a barcoding system that allows you to track your financial documents and retrieve them whenever they are needed.

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    Secure Destruction

    Within the financial sector, having confidence in the secure destruction of your sensitive documents is just as important as their secure storage. Once your financial documents exceed their term of retention or are just no longer useful to your business, it’s imperative that they are safely and confidentially destroyed. As a financial organisation, it is your legal responsibility to ensure the destruction of any confidential waste in order to comply with the GDPR data protection act.

    At Flexible Storage, we can securely transfer any of your unwanted files to our fully licensed partner shredding company where full certification is issued after every destruction. This way, you can ensure your unwanted financial data and documents have been professionally destroyed, keeping you fully compliant with data protection laws. Financial data and records management has never been easier or more secure!

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    Financial documents retention timescales:

    • Accounting records – 3 years for private limited companies and 6 years for public limited companies.
    • Income tax and NI records – 3 years after the end of financial year in which they started.
    • Wage and salary records – minimum of 6 years
    • VAT records – minimum of 6 years from the date created
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