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Confidential Waste?

Confidential Waste disposal is how you destroy any documents containing sensitive information. Over time, everybody accumulates paperwork. Whether you are an individual who has old bank statements, or a business with paper invoices, personal customer records, and employees’ details, it is your responsibility to keep their information private and confidential, even when they are no longer needed. How you dispose of this sensitive information is important.

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Why choose us?

  • Home or office ad-hoc collections

  • Scheduled collections available

  • Secure transfer of document destruction

  • GPS Tracked Vehicles

  • Certificate of Destruction

  • WEEE Waste Disposal

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Confidential Waste

At Flexible Storage we can supply you with a confidential waste disposal bin for use in your office or in your home.

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Confidential waste bins

  • Flexible Contracts

  • Scheduled collections

  • Helps keep a clean desk policy

  • GPS Tracked Vehicles

  • BS EN ISO Certified

  • Certificate of Destruction

document shredding services

Document shredding

  • Secure Document Destruction

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Storage to Destruction service

  • BS EN ISO Certified

  • Certificate of Destruction

  • Environmentally Friendly

Flexible Self Storage Solutions Personal Self Storage
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Call us on 0800 652 1117

For more information on how Flexible Storage Solutions can help with
any of your storage requirements, please get in touch.

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What is confidential waste?

Confidential waste is defined as any material that contains sensitive information about an individual or organisation, such as names, addresses, contact details and financial information.When people think of confidential waste they typically think of bank statements or client records, but something as seemingly insignificant as a handwritten post-it note can be just as much confidential waste – and just as much a threat to data protection. Understanding what constitutes confidential waste is crucial to the secure and efficient disposal of your sensitive information.

Examples of sensitive documents that require confidential waste disposal

company report storage
Client Records
employee form storage
Patient Records
closed boxes storage
Bank Statements
office report storage
Folders/Ring Folders
confidential storage
identification storage hr employees
Sensitive Information
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How often will my bin be collected?

We can tailor your confidential waste collection plan to you. You may require weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc collections. Our team will be able to help you determine the frequency of collections based on the amount of confidential waste you produce.

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How secure is your confidential waste disposal service?

Our confidential waste disposal service is extremely secure. Your disposal bin will be locked and can only be accessed by authorised personnel. Our team are all security vetted and have had specialist training. We comply with all GDPR and data protection policies as well as only working with recognised secure confidential waste disposal facilities. We also ensure all customers receive a confidential waste disposal destruction certificate to confirm waste has been disposed of correctly.

If you would like to find out more about our confidential waste disposal services, please contact our team who will be happy to advise you.

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Call us on 0800 652 1117

For more information on how Flexible Storage Solutions can help with
any of your storage requirements, please get in touch.

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Confidential waste Process

files on pallet

Step 1

Not enough space

Is your paperwork becoming an uphill struggle? Do you need to dispose of sensitive data?

technical support

Step 2

Contact us

Contact our specialists who can advise of the best solution for you. Whether it’s an ad-hoc collection or a contracted monthly visit to empty a confidential waste bin, we have the answer.

delivery van

Step 3


Arrange collection – the security of your paperwork is important to us. Our drivers are security checked and all vehicles are GPS tracked.

document shredding services

Step 4


The waste is sent to our waste management partner for secure shredding.

waste recycling

Step 5


Waste is recycled in to toilet paper, all kept in the UK.

certificate record

Step 6

Secure Destruction

Certificate of destruction is issued.