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Fireproof Self Storage – a wakeup call from a warehouse fire


The New Year got off to the worst possible start for a self-storage warehouse in Croydon as it suffered a devastating fire. Twenty fire engines and around 120 fire fighters attended the scene at the Shurgard depot on New Year’s Eve and were not able to fully extinguish the fire until the following evening. From domestic items and sentimental belongings to business documents and materials, hundreds of customers were shocked to find that their supposedly secure items had gone up in flames in a matter of hours.

Self Storage Fire Protection

While the cause of the fire is still unknown, questions have been raised around the protection that self-storage facilities can provide from fires. Warehouse style facilities such as the one in this unfortunate incident are designed to be open-plan which makes it incredibly easy for fires to escalate. The lack of walls that go to the top of units allows fires to easily spread from unit to unit while the strong airflow only serves to feed the flames.The fact that the vast majority of storage facilities cater to both personal and business customers, and store a wide range of items and materials, makes it difficult to clearly assess fire risks. Some of the most common items stored in storage facilities include wooden furniture as well as vast amounts of paperwork in document storage. This disaster only highlights the importance of using a storage facility that truly prioritises the security of its customers’ stored items – not only from theft and vandalism but also from fire and water damage too.

Fire Resistant Storage Containers

The most effective way to ensure your belongings are protected from fire damage is to store them in a facility that uses fire resistant storage containers. Unlike open-plan warehouse storage facilities, containers fully enclose storage items. Should a fire break out, it will be contained to the steel container and prevented from spreading to any other storage items in the immediate vicinity. The lack of airflow stunts the fire and prevents it from spreading at an unmanageable rate, giving on-site staff and emergency services the precious time they need to control it.

Self Storage Insurance

For added peace of mind, it’s always advisable to make sure your items are covered with Self Storage Insurance. If your belongings are worth storing, they are worth insuring. Most household insurance policies do not cover goods in storage, so opting for an insurance policy specifically designed to cover self-storage items will ensure your belongings are fully protected from fire, water or any other type of damage. Get an insurance quote for your self-storage items online today.

Fire Prevention Best Practices

The reality is that there is no way to completely reduce the risk of fires in storage facilities. People store so many different types of items, files and materials that it’s essentially impossible for storage staff to know exactly what is in each unit. However, there are many safeguards that these facilities can put in place to ensure the risk of fire is as low as could possibly be. If you want to ensure that your belongings are protected whilst in storage, it’s your choice as a customer to opt for a storage facility that has clearly taken these necessary and vital precautions. At Flexible Storage, we store all of our customers’ items in individual 2mm thick steel storage containers that are both water and fireproof. From fireproof file storage to 24 hour CCTV surveillance, we put the safety of your belongings first. Get in touch with one of our team today to discuss your secure storage options further and even receive a tailored quote.  

November 25, 2022