Archive Storage

Flexible archive storage for all your secure document archiving needs within London and the Home Counties.

We offer various archive storage services to ensure we meet all of your company’s needs. With years of experience, we work with a wide range of sectors and industries from legal, financial and construction businesses, to healthcare and the wider public sector.

FREE initial archive box collection
Online File Management Service
Document indexing, tracking & retrieval
Deep archiving for longer periods
Fully compliant with GDPR
Secure confidential waste destruction


Records management and storage services ensure you are compliant with legal regulations – such as GDPR – as well as provide you with a secure space-saving solution for offices with limited resources.

The reason for tracking a document may be different from company to company, be it compliance, simple retrieval or just knowing which partner has the file. With our secure record management system you can see where each document and archive box is at any one time, allowing for ease of retrieval.

For ultimate access, we can record the name, full address and file number of each of your records or archive boxes. We can then use this data to create a bespoke records management system following our initial consultation.


If you are looking to transfer your document archive from another storage facility, we can facilitate a quick and easy handover. Your previous supplier should already have an electronic record of all of your stored documents in their storage archive, which can easily be transferred to our file management system. If not, we will happily re-index your archive to make sure you are now getting the best file storage service available.

Access to our secure record management system will enable the user to track the location of files within your organisation or throughout the storage and retrieval process. Our trained technical staff will provide full archive storage training. Barcode labels can be placed on files and boxes and then entered into our system via the scanner and web portal.

At the start of your agreement we will collect your initial intake of files and archiving boxes for FREE. This ensures a secure and timely delivery of your files.


Ideal for documents and boxes which, by law, have to be kept for long periods of time and are unlikely to be retrieved.

Our deep file storage service is available on a 4 year minimum term, with retrievals an additional option and priced upon request. It is possible to request a combined package, so that your boxes are split across the different levels of storage.


“As a long standing customer of Flexible Storage Solutions I cannot recommend them highly enough. They provide a prompt, professional service.”

Martin Bowers, Cook Taylor Woodhouse Solicitors, SE London



You can use your own boxes or we can supply you with our robust archive boxes to box up all types of files from business paperwork to medical records.


Our friendly team will then collect your files from your location at a time convenient for you. You can index your documents yourself prior to collection or we can take care of it for you.


Our indexed numbering and barcode system can record every file or box that you need. They will then be entered into our Warehouse Management System, allowing quick and easy access whenever you need a particular file.


Your files will be securely stored at our archive storage centre in fire and waterproof units. With our secure file management system, you can manage all of your documents through our website so you can view and control your inventory 24 hours a day.


You can retrieve your documents and boxes whenever you like by contacting us by phone, email or via our online file management system. We provide weekly, next day or same day delivery to locations all over London, Essex, Kent and other Home Counties.


When you no longer need to store your documents or they exceed their regulatory compliance date, we can securely destroy them for you. Our partner shredding company is fully certified to destroy any type of confidential waste and all destructions come with professional certification.

Archive Storage London Services

  • FREE initial archive box collection across London
  • Document indexing, tracking & retrieval
  • Deep file storage for longer periods
  • Professional confidential waste shredding & consoles
  • Secure archive storage in our facility just to the East of London

Document Collections and Deliveries Across London

With daily visits across London, our dedicated fleet of DBS-checked drivers are on hand to make quick and convenient document collections and deliveries. We never use third-party companies to handle our customers’ files – we prefer to take care of everything ourselves.

By removing the problem of cluttered offices we ensure your documents are both secure and easily retrievable. With a simple collection service, barcode identification and flexible delivery options, we will allow you to focus on your business in a clutter free, efficient office.

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