Despite living in the age of the Internet, many individuals and businesses still need to store sensitive information in its physical paper form. From tax returns to bank statements, credit card information to sales receipts, confidential paperwork builds up over time. These documents need to be disposed of securely when they are no longer needed.

Even if your files have been in storage for years and are no longer accurate or relevant to you or your business, there is still a significant risk of a data breach if they are disposed of improperly. Read on to see why shredding your confidential documents should be a top priority for any responsible person or company.

It prevents identity theft

As online data security becomes increasingly sophisticated, so too does the appeal of sensitive paper documentation to identity thieves. Any document that contains personal information can be used by criminals to steal your identity, and having such information on paper allows criminals to bypass the complexities of online security systems.

Credit card details, telephone numbers and home addresses are all prized by identity thieves, who can easily find this information by rummaging through carelessly disposed of rubbish. However, it is virtually impossible to decipher sensitive files once they have been shredded using high-grade shredders.

The average shredder (known as strip-cut shredders) are often not adequate when it comes to confidential documents – only certain types of shredding ensures that the shredded document cannot be reassembled. Alternatively, if you’re not about to go and buy a CIA-ready shredder for your home, you might want to consider using a professional shredding service with industrial-grade shredders and pulverisers.

It saves time

One of the most precious things to both individuals and companies alike is time. It often feels like there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything you had intended to do. Why not let someone else take on the burden of responsibility when disposing of your confidential documents?

Employing the services of a professional shredding company will save you valuable time, effort and money. This allows you to focus more of your time and resources on the things that really matter, such as the growth and profitability of your company.

It’s sustainable

Shredding your sensitive documents is the best way to dispose of confidential material, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Shredded paperwork is perfect for recycling and can be easily bagged up and disposed of.

Many companies offering document-shredding services recycle 100% of the waste they collect, which prevents it from going to landfill and polluting the environment. Such environmental concerns should be a matter of priority for the modern business owner, and implementing sustainable practices will likely reduce the overhead costs of running a business too!

It’s legally compliant

All businesses are duty-bound to keep client information secure by law. Governments all over the world are tightening up regulations regarding information privacy and protection, as well as enforcing strict penalties on any companies that fail to comply with security standards. Perhaps the most notable example is the recent GDPR.

Complying with data protection laws will not only prevent any reputation-damaging legal problems, but also give you and your customers’ peace of mind – you can’t put a price on that!

It saves space

Whether your documents are piling up at your home, your office or in a storage facility, any space taken up by useless files is space wasted. It’s inhibitive, impractical and often a terrible eyesore. Free up some room by shredding the unnecessary documents that have been cluttering up your already limited living, working and storage spaces. After all, it’s never too late for a bit of spring cleaning!

If you think that you or your company could benefit from a document shredding service that is safe and sustainable, please get in touch with one of our friendly storage consultants for a quote. More information on our various shredding services can also be found here.

July 30, 2018