Why You Should Shred Your Obsolete Documents

There is a lot of waste that can be classed as confidential waste. Documents or devices that contain data about customers, supplier and employee paperwork are all confidential and should be disposed of correctly, also data that includes any form of financial data, business plans, branding and marketing strategies is also waste that must be disposed of securely. Disposal of confidential waste has become an integral part of operations for many businesses today. It’s the simplest way to protect sensitive business data and could be essential for ensuring legal compliance. If you don’t yet have a shredding system in place – or a reliable shredding partner – here are some good reasons why it’s time to start shredding your obsolete documents.

Shredding ensures your business is compliant.

The key piece of legislation here is the GDPR, which arrived in 2018 and introduced significant penalties for businesses not properly protecting data. It’s now essential for any organisation to have processes in place that ensure effective destruction of anything that contains data, whether that’s staff names and email addresses or customer bank details – shredding is the most effective way to comply.

One in five data breaches still involves paper.

Identity theft and fraud are most likely to result from paper thefts but it doesn’t end there. Information such as passwords, personal data and IP addresses discarded in documents can help to facilitate a digital data breach too.

Total destruction is guaranteed.

The shredding process is one that leaves no room for documents to be reassembled and for data to be mined from them. Every document is shredded into very small pieces pieces at high speed. Working with a shredding partner will ensure that your obsolete documents are quickly dealt with on a regular basis and not sitting around leaving the business vulnerable.

Shredding extends beyond just documents.

While shredding is the best option for your obsolete documents it doesn’t stop there – you can also use it for textiles, hard drives, USB sticks or SIMs so that no one can get hold of the data that these may contain and use it against the business or to mine data from.

A clear audit trail.

Shredding with a reliable shredding partner such as Flexible Storage, will provide you with certified proof that document destruction has taken place. You will be able to show a clear audit trail when it comes to obsolete documents, whether that is for the purposes of compliance, investigation or demonstrating improved corporate social responsibility.

Options for a more cost-effective approach.

If you work with an on-site shredding partner then you can minimise your operational expenses when it comes to data destruction. Your internal resources and people are freed up to add value elsewhere and you don’t need to factor any of the costs of shredding internally into your budget.

Improving environmental commitment.

All confidential waste is shredded and sent to licensed UK-only paper mills to be recycled into tissue and other paper products. Zero per cent of our waste is sent to landfill. For every tonne of paper waste recycled, approximately 17 trees are saved. Meaning that you can improve your green commitments considerably simply by working with a shredding partner able to ensure that your shredding waste is disposed of in a sustainable way.

Shredding your obsolete documents makes a lot of sense, not just in terms of cost savings and improving security but also when it comes to ensuring that the business is legally compliant and demonstrating environmental commitments too.

Our service is here to help provided secure disposal the minute we leave your premises. We provide a range of services, from secure document shredding to confidential waste disposal bins, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure all of your confidential documents and items are securely destroyed in compliance with data protection.

Find out more about our shredding services by calling the team today on 0800 652 1117 or alternatively you can request an online quote here.

Preparing For The 4th July

Drink anyone?

So this is it!  After the government’s announcement allowing pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers to reopen on the 4th July, is your business prepared?

Even though the Prime Minister has said that ideally, people should remain 2 metres apart, a 1 metre plus policy has been introduced. 

Dinner is served

Have you, as a restaurant or pub considered the impact on your current layout?  In pubs and restaurants, it’s not just about leaving at least a 1m gap between tables, but you will also need to consider allowing space for people to pass between those tables. Perhaps heading to the bathroom or the bar.  Will a one way system need to be introduced? 

With the new guidance suggesting that pubs and restaurants will all become table service, the spacing of your tables and chairs will become critical.  Will you still adhere to the 2m policy, or try to get as many customers in as possible with the 1m plus rule?

More so than ever, your business is going to have a surplus of furniture.

Haircut Sir?

As a hairdresser, will you have to think about installing screens between clients, whilst also allowing you space to manoeuvre around them?  Space in most salons is at a premium as it is, with workspace, reception space and rooms for your stock.  What is going to happen with the additional chairs that will need to be moved out of the way for people to work safely?

Don’t feel the need to rush and sell your surplus furniture though.

At Flexible Storage Solutions, we have the space for you! 

Our Self Storage for Business Use, can give you the temporary storage space you’re looking for during the ongoing pandemic and social distancing rules.  We can offer short-term rolling contracts, giving you the flexibility you need in these uncertain times. When social distancing rules are lifted further, you may require some of your stock back. With our contracts you can rent more or less storage as needed.  With space being at such a premium in London and the South-East, and commercial prices being so high, allow us to give you the flexibility to use only the space you need and for the exact amount of time you need it.

Rules and guidance for so many countries is constantly fluctuating, so we can help you by providing the space you need.  We all have to hope one day that Covid-19 will be a thing of the past, allowing daily life to continue as it was before.  But who knows if social distancing will be the new normality for so many of us.  By renting storage space from us, you know your goods are in safe hands.

Our storage facilities offer a higher level of security than traditional lock-ups provide.  With 24/7 CCTV surveillance and on-site staff coupled with industrial strength locks, your know your goods are well protected.  We make it easy for you to gain access to your items when needed, with access-controlled gates, using unique codes and phone number recognition, making is as convenient as possible to allow you access to your storage items.

And in a world where a pandemic isn’t enough of a worry, be sure that our containers are also fire and waterproof.

Clean Desk Policy

Clean desk policies were initially introduced to ensure workspaces were clutter free, making them great looking spaces – ones that would also help increase productivity.  It allowed flexibility of working spaces, making sure desks weren’t purely owned by one person.

With the implementation of GDPR in 2018, it became even more imperative to have a clean desk policy to help keep companies GDPR compliant – ensuring confidential files and information weren’t seen by prying eyes or falling into the wrong hands. 

And now in 2020, a clean desk policy is now imperative – not only to make your business and office compliant with GDPR legislation, but also to make it more hygienic.  If your desk is cluttered with paperwork, post-it notes, mugs and other personal possessions, how can you ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day, ready for any of your staff to use it the following day.

But I’m still working from home – why would I need a clean desk policy?

A clean desk policy doesn’t only relate to those people who are now back in the office.  It’s now becoming clearer that many companies will be adopting new work from home policies for their staff post lockdown.

If you’re one of the many professionals that is still able to work from home, a clean desk policy is not just there simply to provider a clearer space for cleaning.

What would happen if you were to leave a confidential file at home on your desk, and the worst happened – you were broken into and that file was taken?  What would be the legal stance for you, or your company in terms of GDPR?

What if you leave important documents on the kitchen counter and coffee was spilled on them – those ones being the only copy to work from – what do you do?

What if you have an important video call with a colleague or a client and private documents are on display?

A clean desk policy will help you organise your work space – reducing your stress and giving you that peace of mind you need.  With some simple organisation, you can save time finding important documents and know that when you don’t need them, they’re safe and GDPR compliant.

With Flexible Storage Solutions we can offer you Business Document Storage, Financial Document Storage, Legal Document Storage and Medical Document Storage.  We’re fully compliant with GDPR data protection regulations, so you’re in the safest possible hands.  With our online file management service, we can index all of your business documents to make it easy for you to track and retrieve any of your files in storage, allowing you to have your space back at home and adhere to your clean desk policy…..and if the mood takes you, you can give your own workspace a quick wipe down!

The dreaded return to work

So working from home was your dream – no more early starts, the freedom to work in your pyjamas and avoiding the dreaded commute!!

Then lockdown began to ease…

In light of the current situation surrounding Covid-19, it is now more important than ever for those companies who are already open, or beginning to reopen, to implement a clean desk policy, not only for the security of documents but for your own staffs health and safety.

At Flexible Storage Solutions we can help you with the hire of our confidential waste disposal bins.  You can ensure maximum hygiene standards are maintained at all times in the office. A simple slot in the top of the bin allows you to simply drop the documents in, leaving yourself and the bin virus free.  No more office shredders, being operated by multiple people all day. 

We’ll ensure contactless deliveries and collections and replace the waste disposal bags when it’s convenient for you.  GDPR compliance is adhered to at every level; drivers and staff are vetted and DBS checked and your confidential waste has a certificate of destruction for every batch!

The New Normal For Legal Staff

For years now, the push for businesses to implement ‘’work from home policies’’ and practices has been a conversation piece that’s never really taken off. The legal profession is typically slow to change, but being forced into the situation by the global pandemic, it has become clear that legal work can be done effectively and efficiently whilst working from a home office, or the kitchen table.

Due to coronavirus, working from home has rapidly become the chosen way of doing business for many industries, including the law. According to a new study involving legal staff, nearly two thirds  of those who took part want to continue working from home after the lockdown restrictions are lifted. A third stating that not having to commute to the office was the top motivator, followed by not having to sit through so many meetings and a fifth cited the cost saving of not having to travel in daily.

What Happens Post-Lockdown?

Through talking to individuals within the legal profession, it has become clear that work from home policies are indeed going to outlast the pandemic, with many offices remaining empty and even closing, saving on rent, cleaning, parking and more. With this in mind, there are certain aspects of the working from home situation that requires a lot of care around handling confidential documents and the storing of these files.

Having access to a cloud based documentation is great and is very secure, however having physical copies of documentation around the house can cause its own problems. From family having access to the workspace where you complete your work, to the prying eyes and hands of children that can easily misplace something that they may have knocked off your desk or kitchen counter. Storing these documents at home can be overwhelming and can lead to your home office feeling cluttered and disorganised. Admin at home can be a large task too, with the cataloguing and managing of the legal records that you have started to accrue, this can be very time consuming, not to mention frustrating.

Adhering To GDPR Regulations

Legal documents should be securely stored but easily accessible, as some files such as wills will have to be retrieved at an indeterminate point in the future. The introduction of GDPR regulations in 2018 have made it more important than ever to ensure all of your legal documents, files, contracts and records are appropriately stored and easily retrieved.

At Flexible Storage Solutions, we collect, index and store all of your documents and legal records in our specialist archiving centre. Our storage services can be tailored to your specific needs and range from will storage to long-term ‘deep storage’ to an online file management service that gives you full access to manage and retrieve documents via the Flexible Storage Solutions website.

Legal Document Destruction And Confidential Waste

Legal documents and records can build up very quickly. Any files that are no longer useful or have exceeded their retention period will need to be securely destroyed. Do you have a confidential waste bin? Or are some legal documents ending up in a see through recycling bag that goes outside on a certain day of the week? Having a confidential waste bin located in your home office is a great way to ensure that the most sensitive of information and documentation is dealt with in the correct manner. Our team can arrange collection of the bins on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis dependent on your needs

At Flexible Storage Solutions, we can ensure that your confidential documents are professionally shredded with our fully licensed partner company, certification will be issued after every destruction.

By taking advantage of our legal document storage services, you can securely store, track, dispose of and manage all of your legal files without worrying about finding the space in your home office to keep them.

The Benefits Of Self Storage When Working From Home

Working from home used to be the dream for many, and now during these troubling times it has become the new normal. The explosion of advertising around technologies to connect teams and create a collaborative working space has made the move from office based work to a home based work environment pretty seamless.

Many workers have reported a better work – life balance, whilst many are happy with saving money on petrol and not being stuck in traffic on a daily basis and eliminating that long commute. Whatever sector you operate in, working from home will certainly have its benefits, and as we all settle in to our new routines, we have seen some issues arise that we feel we are in a position to help with.

We can’t solve every problem that you may encounter during this period. What we can do is give you some guidance on the services that we offer to support you.

Setting Up Your Home Office

With our self storage solutions, you can store whatever you need to create essential space for your new office. Whether its clearing out a room or making space in the shed, storing your belongings is the sensible choice in one of our water and fireproof units.

Our storage facilities give you the freedom to react to any changes that may occur through these troubling times, allowing you to swiftly take advantage of opportunities when they arise or limit damage if the situation is extended. Unlike commercial leases, you are not tied into lengthy contracts but can rent more or less storage units as and when you need to. Our short-term rolling contracts keep costs to a minimum and give you the flexibility to only use the space you need for the exact amount of time you need it.

Staying Organised And GDPR Compliant

It can be hard to stay organised when working from home, because all of your business things are amongst everything else. Having somewhere separate for your work things can be really useful. A space like self storage where you can visit, get files or information, and switch it with completed work, could be very handy.

Staying on top of your filing is very important, especially if handling documents of a legal nature or those that contains sensitive material. Files will naturally build up over time and our records management, and storage services ensure you are compliant with legal regulations – such as GDPR – as well as provide you with a secure space-saving solution for when your home office has limited space.

No space for stock?

A work from home setup is an excellent solution for running a business remotely, especially if you don’t want to spend that much on a big space lease. Stock can take up a lot of space in the home, so if your work from home situation is causing you to have a lot of stock in your house, a self storage solution may be the perfect fit for you.

Ff you need to buy in bulk then you can have stock delivered to our facility. With our professional setup – which includes 24/7 access, CCTV surveillance and forklift trucks, your potential stock deliveries can be safely moved to your unit with complete peace of mind.

A Solution For Your Business

Our self storage solutions can help you work from home because it gives you room to grow. It enables you to utilise effective storage space without committing to warehouse space or office space. You can instead work from home whilst keeping your stock and other items in an affordable, flexible space.

For more information on how we can help you with your home working situation, get in touch with Flexible Storage Solutions today.

Using Self Storage During Coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly affected many of us in one way or another, whether you work for a company that has been affected by the pandemic and have been furloughed, or you have your own business and you are still confused about your entitlements and what state the economy is going to end up in. If you or someone you know has been affected by the pandemic then when it comes to storage, Flexible Storage Solutions can assist to help alleviate any unwanted additional pressure that you or your business may be experiencing.

What Do I Do With My UK Bound Delivery?

Due the the pause of many businesses usual day to day running, there have been some situations that have arisen that require some out of the box thinking. If you have made a large order which was due in to the UK, and no businesses, office or shops are open to receive this, what have you done? Flexible Storage Solutions are are able to receive stock and deliveries in to our storage depot, which is fully equipped with 24 hour access and forklift trucks. We have been offering clients short term rentals to help alleviate the worry of longer term rental situations.

Worried about how secure the items on your delivery will be? Don’t be, our storage facility offers a higher level of security than traditional lockups would usually provide. Our containers are water and fireproof and secured with industrial strength locks, we also keep staff on site and have 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

What About Personal Storage During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

With our self storage solutions you can eliminate the worry of where you may have to store furniture and belongings until a future date, keeping you free to concentrate on the things that matter to you at this time.

Our self storage services can help with a multitude of hurdles. For example, we all know that if you are part of a chain when purchasing a house it can be a stressful time period. One of the worries is having to have your belongings out of your current house by a certain time and if this certain time doesn’t align with the next part of the chain it can all start to tumble down like a pack of cards. With a short term self storage service you can move your items into one of our facilities while the house you are moving into frees up. This can be an invaluable option to have and also a well-priced one. 

While we are on the subject of moving, self storage provides the perfect place for unused furniture to be stored if you are short term renting a furnished property. You can either store your belongings while you are in the property or store the current properties belongings here. Our self storage facilities are water and fire protected so you can be sure that none of your belongings will come to any harm.

Often, when removing furniture from a house, you may come across objects that are heavy or awkward to move. This is not a problem our end because we have fork-lift trucks on site to help with anything to cumbersome.

You can not only use our services to store items awaiting their new homes, you can place things here that you are looking to get rid of or sell. Flexible Storage Solutions provides the perfect half way point for belongings that have seized to be useful and are awaiting the move onto their next destination.

With a variety of different sized units you can be sure that you will find the perfect self storage solution for your needs.  We have multiple rates for a huge variation of self storage units and we can cater for nearly every type of use. 

Get in touch with Flexible Storage Solutions to see how our self storage solutions can help you during the coronavirus outbreak.