The security of your confidential waste whilst on your premises should be one of your highest priorities. Sensitive information about your company, customers, staff and suppliers can prove very costly if it falls into the wrong hands, not to mention a violation of GDPR regulations. Confidential Waste Console

What is a Confidential Waste Disposal Bin? 

A confidential waste disposal bin is a lockable console used for securely storing paper until it can be collected and professionally shredded. These bins are sometimes known as confidential waste consoles or lockable waste paper cabinets. Shreddable paperwork can be placed into the console just like a normal waste paper bin but these consoles have been designed to be lockable to prevent any unauthorised tampering.  

Hire a Confidential Waste Bin

Take the stress of manually shredding documents away from your team by renting our lockable confidential waste bins. We can supply any number of bins to meet your company’s specific needs. Our waste paper bins ensure that all of your unwanted confidential documents are stored securely, keeping your business GDPR compliant and your office organised.  

Regular Waste Disposal Bag Collections Confidential Waste Sack

Our friendly team will come to empty your consoles and replace the waste disposal bags whenever is most convenient for you. We can provide bag collections on the following bases… 

  • Weekly collections
  • Bi-weekly collections
  • Monthly collections

Your confidential waste bags are treated with the highest standards of security and data protection compliance when they are transported to our secure storage facility. All drivers and staff involved in the retrieval process are vetted and DBS checked. Your confidential waste will then be processed by industrial-grade shredders and pulverisers for guaranteed destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided for every batch.

We can also provide an ad-hoc collection service for one-off collections of confidential waste sacks from your office. Ideal for smaller businesses or those with irregular levels of sensitive documents.

Confidential Waste Disposal ConsoleWaste Paper and Confidential Waste Bins

Shredding your own confidential waste can be very time-consuming, often taking valuable members of staff away from more productive work. Proficient office shredders and on-site shredding companies also often come with hefty price tags. The only way to guarantee complete destruction of documents without breaking the bank is with our lockable confidential waste bins. We offer them as part of our document shredding service to keep your confidential waste safe and your team free to focus on what really matters.    

If you’re concerned about the safety of your confidential waste and feel that a lockable confidential waste bin could take the burden away from your team, get in touch with our storage consultants today to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

Seamless, professional & GDPR compliant

“Ellison’s have used Flexible’s services for a number of years. Following the enactment of the GDPR regulations, and due to the excellent relationship and service provided by Flexible, the decision was made to place all Ellison’s archive file storage and confidential waste management requirements with Flexible Storage Solutions. Their high service standards extended into project management, allowing a short mobilisation period and a seamless implementation. ”

Tim Johnson, Ellisons Solicitors


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