Practically any business can benefit from taking advantage of self-storage facilities – but sadly, not everyone is aware of them. From one-person start-ups operating out of a bedroom to large corporations with multiple locations, all companies face the same time and space challenges that self-storage services can help to alleviate.

Whether you just need to temporarily store furniture while you change office or you need a permanent location to securely store your business archive, self-storage facilities could provide the most cost-effective and convenient solution.  

In fact, whilst business customers of self-storage facilities take up 39 per cent of storage space in the UK, they only account for a quarter of the total number of customers. There is still a lot of opportunity for perceptive business owners to avoid paying extortionate rent prices to keep their stock in costly and already limited office space. In this post, we will explore the various industries that have the most potential to streamline their operations, as well as the general benefits that self-storage can bring to any organisation.


Inventory is a fundamental aspect of any retail business. Seasonal merchandise, posters, decorations and other additional materials will need to be stored in a safe location that is easily accessible in the future. Many stores have some capacity for onsite storage but these stock rooms are often very small and prone to disorganisation. Storing excess inventory in a local self-storage unit provides a secure, accessible space for your products at the fraction of the cost of renting more office space. You can even have stock delivered to your storage unit for further savings on transport costs.

Construction & Decoration

If your profession involves many tools and materials, it can often be difficult to keep everything organised. Construction tools are incredibly expensive and keeping them in your work van or garage can be very risky with the increase in tradesmen tool thefts. Keeping your tools and materials in a storage unit not only keeps them organised and manageable but also ensures the highest level of protection with fire and water proof containers under 24/7 surveillance.

Real estate

The buying, selling and renting of properties is often a long process that is fraught with delays and disruptions. You may need a secure place to house a show home’s furniture while it is refurbished or perhaps you need to store a client’s belongings while they wait to move into a new house. In any situation, having the option of a self-storage unit provides the flexibility when you need that extra storage space for an indefinite length of time. Unlike the fixed-term leases when renting an office or depot, storage facilities offer month-to-month terms and even allow you to opt out completely with only one or two week’s notice.

Local Council

It’s not only private enterprises that can benefit from a little extra storage space. Local councils often find themselves with a variety of items that, although not always in use, are valuable and need to be stored securely. Seasonal decorations, collapsible chairs, and office supplies can all take up a significant amount of space when you consider the scale at which local councils operate. The bottom line is always a pressing concern for the local government so the flexibility and affordability offered by self-storage is a huge advantage to this often cash-strapped sector.  


The increase in self-storage popularity in the UK is partly due to the rise in start-up companies. The number of registered companies in the UK has risen from just under 1.5 million in 2000 to over 4 million in 2018. Again, the key appeal of self-storage is flexibility. Building a company from your home quickly becomes problematic when you begin to accumulate paperwork, equipment, materials, stock, and all the other accoutrement associated with a burgeoning business. Before you know it, you’re treading over piles of surplus stock on your way to the bathroom!

A storage unit will help keep your home tidy (and your family happy!) while at the same time ensuring your business materials are safe and organised. Use your storage unit as a registered address for deliveries, a stockroom or even a small-scale distribution centre. As your business grows, you can adapt your storage needs accordingly – upsize, downsize or vacate your unit entirely with minimum fuss.

If you’re part of a business or organisation that needs more flexibility and would like to know more about self-storage options, please get in touch with one of our professional storage consultants to learn more about our self-storage services and receive a tailored quote.

September 6, 2018