Self storage facilities serve a number of purposes for people in various different circumstances. For the most part, they are a great solution when you do not have enough space in your home or your office. At Flexible Storage, we provide high-security and purpose-built storage facilities, offering document vaults and self storage units for clients in London and the Home Counties. There is always a viable answer to your storage issues, whatever your circumstances may be.

In what follows, we’ll be outlining some of the most common reasons that people come to us in need of extra storage. Indeed, you may be one of the people who needs to make use of our trusted services for one of these reasons – in which case you know who to call.

Relocating important items

Most homes contain at least some possessions which are not needed on hand at all times. Those which serve no immediate purpose, but should nonetheless be kept in our possession. Such items can be anything from cherished family heirlooms to collectibles set to grow in value. As you read this, there will likely be a few items of this kind that spring to mind straight away – items that you would be hesitant to throw away or sell off. It often makes a lot more sense (financially and emotionally) to keep a hold of such items until they serve a more direct purpose.

In a business context, some companies have items of a similar kind lying around in their offices: documents that are not needed urgently, take up a lot of office space, but cannot be destroyed (because they need to be kept for legal reasons or because they might be needed in future). Given the high cost of office space, it can be cost effective to place these papers in self storage, as opposed to paying high rents on additional storage space in a regular traditional office space. For more on the financial benefits of outsourcing the document storage needs of your company, read our previous blog post on the subject.

Freeing up space

Contrary to the above point, not all of the items appropriate for self storage need to go unused. Many people choose to place items into storage simply because they do not have enough room in their own homes to keep them lying around. Say you like to go mountain biking in the summer, but your flat does not have the space necessary to store your bike for the rest of the year – dilemmas like these are common among those with smaller homes in densely populated cities.

And bikes are just one example: it could be seasonal decor, musical instruments, art supplies, or any other item that you find incompatible with the spatial requirements of modern city living. You still use them, but not often enough to have them always taking up space in your home. When you do find yourself needing to use these kind of items, you know exactly where they are: in the safety of an accessible self storage unit just waiting to be revived!

Changing circumstances

There are many circumstances in which you may find yourself without a permanent home, leaving all your possessions in limbo whilst you figure out the next steps to take. For instance, the transition between properties in the process of moving house is not always a seamless one. In some cases, people secure a sale on their old house before successfully buying a new one, and in others, people empty their home of all personal possessions to make it more marketable.

In any case, self storage would be a welcoming home for all your items (albeit a temporary one)! There are other changing circumstances to consider where you may need to use self storage. When your kids eventually fly the nest, they will probably leave a range of items in their wake, many of which will have a certain sentimental value but are not convenient to keep lying around. Since your grown-up kids are unlikely to be keen on the idea of reclaiming their childhood toys, it could be worth placing such items in self storage instead of chucking them or flogging them. After all, what was once a family bedroom can be converted into a spare room or a home office.

Unforeseen circumstances

Self storage is often the most convenient solution in situations that often cannot be predicted. One of your friends looking for a temporary place to stay while they look for a job in the area? Best make room for their arrival and clear out the spare room, sharpish! Newborn on the way? Time to remove all those dangerous furnishings and clear up enough space to build a nursery! Eventually, once your friend has found a new job or your tot has grown out of their nursery, those items you moved swiftly into storage can just as quickly be returned to your home.

Some find themselves having to relocate their possessions for more unfortunate reasons, including divorce, repossession, or damages to their property. Having had no time to prepare, sudden circumstances like these might require you to seek temporary storage for all your items, at least while you figure things out. Hopefully, you will never need self storage for such reasons, but it’s sensible to have the number of your nearest storage facility to hand just in case.

Offering various self storage packages (including both business and student), our priority is to meet your long and short term needs while keeping all your possessions as safe and secure as possible in our local storage facilities. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly storage consultants.

May 17, 2018