Document Storage

Is There Still a Demand for Secure Off-Site Document Storage?

Do people even use paper any more? This question could come from the child who’s too small to hold a tablet or that CEO who gets a buzz out of, well...

Self Storage

Looking After Your Literature: the best way to pack books for storage

Despite living in an increasingly digitised world, books are still some of our most treasured possessions. From personal collections to student litera...

Document Storage

Medical Records – How long are they kept and who can access them?

Our medical records are arguably some of the most sensitive documents that follow us throughout our lives. As well as containing information about our...

Self Storage

How to Pack a Storage Unit

So, you’ve finally got around to hiring a self storage unit. (And why wouldn’t you? There are many great ways a self storage unit could benefit yo...

Self Storage

Student Storage Ideas: Making the Most of Your Space at University

There’s a lot to think about when you’re about to start university. Your new home, your new social life, your new found independence and, most imp...

Document Storage

Office Storage Ideas: How To Optimise Office Space

As we’re all more than aware, office space isn’t cheap, especially if you live in London or any other major city in the UK. That’s why it’s cr...


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