Document Storage

GDPR Fines UK: What You Need to Know About GDPR Non-Compliance

The introduction of EU-wide GDPR legislation has ushered in a new era of stringent data security, compelling UK organisations to make data protection ...


How safe are shredding services?

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – you need to look after your confidential waste. This applies to domestic paperwork as mu...

Self Storage

Do I have to pay business rates for storage?

Every business strives to keep costs low. Whether it’s wages, utilities, rent or advertising, the vast majority of businesses have to make sure they...

Self Storage

“Going Once. Twice. SOLD!” – Storage Auctions in the UK

Have you ever wondered what happens to the contents of storage units when their owners abandon them or default on rent payments? It’s not a common o...

Document Storage

Is There Still a Demand for Secure Off-Site Document Storage?

Do people even use paper any more? This question could come from the child who’s too small to hold a tablet or that CEO who gets a buzz out of, well...

Self Storage

Looking After Your Literature – The best way to pack books for storage

Despite living in an increasingly digitised world, books are still some of our most treasured possessions. From personal collections to student litera...


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