Document Storage

Office Storage Ideas: How To Optimise Office Space

As we’re all more than aware, office space isn’t cheap, especially if you live in London or any other major city in the UK. That’s why it’s cr...

Self Storage

How Self Storage Units Can Be Your Clothing Storage Solution

Clothes are just one of the many types of belongings that we safely store at Flexible Storage Solutions. From seasonal attire to baby clothes to busin...

Self Storage

Moving Day – How to pack up your house for storage

So moving day is just around the corner. Your house is sold, you’ve spent months planning the big move and you’ve finally got round to hiring a pr...

Self Storage

Do You Need Self Storage Insurance?

Insurance is one of those things that is only ever really needed in worst-case scenarios. When buildings burn down, when belongings are destroyed, whe...


London Area Tradespeople: Keep Your Tools Safe With Self Storage

Keeping your tools safe and secure when not in use is something that almost every tradesperson worries about. Investing in a large van that can accomm...


What Should You Do with Shredded Documents?

The security of your sensitive documents is of utmost importance. Any lapses in the security of your confidential documents can have severe consequenc...


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