Document Storage

The New Normal For Legal Staff

For years now, the push for businesses to implement ‘’work from home policies’’ and practices has been a conversation piece that’s never rea...

Self Storage

The Benefits Of Self Storage When Working From Home

Working from home used to be the dream for many, and now during these troubling times it has become the new normal. The explosion of advertising aroun...

Self Storage

Using Self Storage During Coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly affected many of us in one way or another, whether you work for a company that has been affected by the pandemi...

Document Storage

What Are The Benefits Of Document Storage Over Self Storage?

There is a lot to be said about self-storage and the ability to utilise off-site space for your business. When it comes to documentation storage thoug...

Document Storage

How Much Paper Gets Wasted In The UK Each Year?

In the UK, we use about 12.5 million tons of paper each year. The trees needed to produce this amount would cover about 21,000 square km – roughly t...

Document Storage

What are the costs involved in offsite document storage?

When it comes to the business benefits of offsite document storage, there’s no shortage of reasons to employ a professional storage facility.  From...


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