Document Storage

Space savings tips for paper storage

Whether you want to store personal paper records or professional paper records, setting up a storage solution can quickly turn into a nightmare if you...

Document Storage

Why choose Flexible Storage Solutions

There are so many storage companies on the market. So why should you choose us over hundreds of other companies? As you are aware, selecting organisat...


How to correctly dispose of WEEE waste

What is WEEE? WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. This term covers most electrical products that are battery or plug operated. ...

Self Storage

Christmas Decoration and Seasonal Storage

As Christmas comes and goes, one of the biggest hassles can be storing Christmas Decorations and Seasonal goods! Using external storage solutions may ...

Self Storage

A Guide to Storing Medical Files 

Storing medical files securely is essential, and there are a number of regulations which must be met. Mistakes can be damaging to your organisation an...

Document Storage

Benefits of Holding Medical Files Off Site

Medical Files are highly confidential, and a well-organised system is vital to delivering professional healthcare services. For both public NHS and pr...


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