What business documents should be shredded?

Ever since the data protection act was passed in 1998, it has been a legal requirement for businesses to securely dispose of any paperwork that contai...

Document Storage

Using GDPR to Benefit Your Business

The new guidelines surrounding the treatment of data in business have now been law for almost a whole year. Since compliance of the new rules is an es...

Self Storage

How self storage can help you downsize after retirement

When you retire, downsizing makes a lot of sense. The kids have long since flown the nest, their rooms are now collecting dust and the maintenance of ...

Document Storage

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Paperless Office?

For many businesses, the paperless office seems to be one of those concepts promised in the 80s that has never really come to fruition, along with hov...

Document Storage

Fireproof Self Storage – a wakeup call from a warehouse fire

The New Year got off to the worst possible start for a self-storage warehouse in Croydon as it suffered a devastating fire. Twenty fire engines and ar...

Document Storage

Top 5 reasons to use a storage facility

The UK leads the way in Europe when it comes to storage facilities. At around 44.6 million square feet, it has more than quadruple the storage space a...


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