Why should I use a confidential waste disposal service for my business?

Confidential Waste Disposal Service For My Business

As the UK slowly moves towards a new normal and many begin their gradual return to the office, it may be time to consider how you dispose of your confidential waste and whether there is a more efficient way to do so. This blog will outline the reasons why a confidential waste disposal service could be the right solution for your business.

Our business has decided to introduce hotdesking, how can we implement a clean desk policy?

Although restrictions in the UK have started to lift, many businesses are still choosing to limit the occupancy of their office to allow for social distancing and to minimise contact. Many staff members are now working to rota systems and hotdesking with the rest of their team. Hotdesking comes with many benefits as well as some flaws, one of those being the need for clean desk policies. Gone are the days of leaving your files on your desk or in your desk drawers, this is where a confidential waste disposal service can help.

Flexible Storage Solutions’ confidential waste disposal service includes collection of confidential waste. Your confidential documents will be collected by a member of our vetted team in one of our GPS tracked vehicles, for complete peace of mind that your documents are being transported securely. Confidential documents will then be sent to our licensed waste management partner for secure shredding. 

As an added bonus, your documents will be recycled and turned into toilet paper that is used across the UK. So not only will our service help implement your clean desk policy, but it also helps your business comply with any environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility policies you may have.

Once your documents have been securely disposed of, you will receive certification of destruction.

Can you assure me that my documents are in safe hands?

We understand how important it is to know that your confidential documents are being handled correctly. That’s why all of our staff are fully vetted, and DBS checked, our vehicles are GPS tracked, and we implement a number of policies to ensure confidential waste is dealt with securely.

Our processes are fully GDPR-compliant, and Flexible Storage Solutions is both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited. You can find out more about the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations in our blog, read it here.

How often can my confidential document waste be collected?

At Flexible Storage Solutions, we know things don’t always go to plan, so offer both a monthly and ad-hoc confidential waste collection service. By offering both monthly and ad-hoc collections, we can tailor a confidential waste collection service that suits your business’s needs. We also supply confidential waste bins, so you won’t need to interact with any other company apart from the team at Flexible Storage Solutions.

If you would like to discuss how our confidential waste disposal service can support your business, please contact our team on 0800 652 1117 or complete our online contact form and our team will be in touch. 

Is Archive Storage a good option for Probate Lawyers

Archive Storage for Probate Lawyers

Despite much digitalisation of the legal professional, some aspects still require traditional letters and paper documents. Research by Exizent revealed that 80% of probate cases require a minimum of 10 letters to be sent whilst 33% of probate cases require up to 50 letters to be sent to parties involved. 

With so many letters and pieces of paperwork being sent backwards and forwards, it is no surprise that the probate industry is very paper heavy. Archive storage is a great solution for legal professionals in the probate industry, and here’s why.


Many legal professionals have made the decision to downsize their offices or move to remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A smaller office, of course, means less storage space. This is a challenge for those working in probate as so many documents need to be stored during the probate process and with some probate cases taking years to resolve, this can cause a big problem. 

Our archive storage offers a secure facility to store important documents. Whether you are a small legal firm that requires a couple of boxes or a larger firm that requires many more, Flexible Storage Solutions can help. Our archive storage service also includes indexing of documents and file management, so should you require documents stored in our archive facility, we can access them quickly for you.

Regulatory compliant

For those working in the legal profession, compliance with data and privacy laws is of upmost importance. Our archive storage service complies with GDPR regulations as well as data protection laws. We pride ourselves on the safe and secure storage of any documents in our care when utilising our archive storage service, and to provide further peace of mind, all of our staff are security vetted.

A bespoke archive storage service

As a legal professional, your job is stressful enough without having to think about where to securely store your clients’ documents. Flexible Storage Solutions can take care of every aspect of archive storage. Our team can collect, index, and store all your records and documents in our secure archiving facility. We also offer an online file management service that will provide you with full access to manage and retrieve documents via our website. 

Archive storage is a great option for those working in probate, particularly as probate documents are required to be retained for a minimum of 16 years. To discuss how Flexible Storage Solutions can support your business with our archive storage service, please contact the team on 0800 52 1117 or use our online contact form. 

How do I know my documents and data are protected?

How do I know my documents and data are protected?

Here at Flexible Storage Solutions, we have years of experience storing and managing confidential, sensitive documents and items. To give you complete peace of mind your documents and belongings are in safe hands, we have detailed each of the steps we take to ensure the highest security standards below.

ISO 27001and ISO 9001 accredited 

What is the ISO 27001 accreditation? The ISO 27001 accreditation is an internationally recognised best practice framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). The accreditation demonstrates that a business is run to the highest information security standards and has taken the necessary steps to protect against potential threats. ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System with clearly defined business processes. The ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates that a company is committed to providing products and services to a defined, high standard.

Flexible Storage Solutions is proud to be ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited, proving we have extremely high standards when it comes to safely storing and managing our customer’s documents and data.

Fully GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) came into effect in 2018, businesses are required to store and protect data in line with these regulations. We are fully GDPR compliant across all of our services including document storage, management and destruction. At Flexible Storage Solutions, we take all the necessary precautions and procedures to ensure your data is always protected.

Secure storage facility

Our storage facility is both water and fireproof, the units we use are made from 2mm thick steel and are protected by hardened steel locks. Our premises also have the highest security standards with security alarms, 24 hour CCTV surveillance and on-site staff to ensure protection 24/7 for all items in our care. We also use a secure code system that allows customers to access their storage units using a unique code that can only be used by them.

Vetted staff

To provide you with greater peace of mind, all of our staff have been security vetted and DBS checked. Every member of staff at our facility from our drivers to admin team, have been through rigorous background checks. We also provide our staff with full professional training in accordance with GDRP and security regulations.

If you would like to find out more about the protocols in place to protect your documents or items, or if you would like to enquire about our services, please call the team on 0800 652 1117 or use our online contact form.

Preparing to return for the office after lockdown

Preparing to return for the office after lockdown

For many of us, it has been a very long time since we were last in the office. Covid-19 has meant the majority of the UK workforce have turned kitchens, bedrooms and garden buildings into home offices. As restrictions begin to lift and we begin to return to some form of normality, there are a few things to consider when preparing to bring your team back into the office.


As your employees return to the office, some form of social distancing is likely to remain in place and as a result of the pandemic your team are probably going to want a little more distance between them and their colleagues. 

The needs for more space between desks could leave you with surplus furniture, of course you won’t want to dispose of the furniture so you will be looking for storage. At Flexible Storage Solutions we offer secure self-storage at our storage facility. Our storage facility is fire and waterproof, has 24/7 CCTV surveillance and on-site staff giving you complete peace of mind that your furniture is safe and secure, ready for whenever you may need it.

Destruction or storage of confidential documents

A return to the office means there will be confidential documents on site once again, it is paramount that documents are stored or disposed of correctly. This is particularly important for those in financial, legal and medical sectors. 

At Flexible Storage Solutions we offer a range of options to ensure your documents are handled correctly. We offer a complete confidential waste disposal service that includes a scheduled or ad-hoc collection from your office, secure transfer of your documents for destruction and a certificate of destruction. Our confidential waste disposal service is fully GDPR compliant and all of our staff are vetted and trained to the highest standards. We also offer confidential waste bins with flexible contracts to support the implementation of clean desk policies.

Perhaps you don’t need to dispose of your confidential documents yet and instead need somewhere to securely store them. If this is the case, we recommend utilising our archive storage service which includes collection, indexing and tracking your documents. We also offer a document scanning service that allows instant retrieval and copies of your archived documents, this service uses our secure online file management system to ensure an efficient system for tracking and recording documents.

Safety protocols

As a business owner, you will likely need introduce some new safety protocols for your team, whether it’s a new health and safety assessment or a social distancing policy. You may also wish to implement new first aid and mental health training. There are lots of great places for information and we are always happy to discuss how we can help support your business.

For more information on any of our services please contact us on 0800 652 1117 or use our online contact form.

Returning to the Office after Lockdown

2020 has been a time of uncertainty for most.  With the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, nobody was prepared for what the year had in store, let alone business owners.

Although there are no guarantees, all we can hope is that we can start to get back to some kind of normality soon.  Most governments have started to re-open their countries and hope to improve the economy by easing the lockdown measures so businesses can start to function as they once did.

We are still being advised to work from home if we can, but that is not always possible for some businesses. Now is the best time to start preparing yourself for returning to the workplace.  Before you can do that, there are certain measures you will need to put in place.

Before allowing your staff to return to the office, you will need to make sure it is safe for them and any potential visitors who may attend your premises.

Steps you can take before returning to work

Here is a list of tasks you can carry out to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

  • Carry out a full risk assessment and make sure you share this information with your employees to put their minds at rest. 
  • Ensure you have washing facilities readily available to make sure everybody adheres to the local health authority guidelines. 
  • If certain staff can work from home, try to make that possible for them where you can.  
  • Explain social distancing measures and ensure all of your staff follow the procedures. 
  • Advise your employees of the importance of healthy living to boost their immune system.

How can you use self-storage post lockdown?

During the lockdown period, businesses had to close, which no doubt had a huge impact on sales and the movement of stock.  When you return to the work premises, it may be beneficial to have a temporary place where you can store your goods.

It may be that you sell a product that is sensitive to harsh elements such as the cold, heat or dust.  By choosing to store your products in a secure storage facility, you will be keeping them safe until such time they are needed again.  An example of this could be leather items or other delicate materials.

You may also notice an increase in hand sanitisers, cleaning products and PPE that you didn’t have to store before now.  By keeping them in a self-storage facility, they will be out of the way but on hand as and when you need them.

Make more room for social distancing

If you have a small workspace, it can be difficult to put social distancing in place.  It may be that you have bulky furniture or too many filing cabinets.  This poses the risk of your employees accidentally bumping into each other.  Now would be time to have a clear out.  You don’t have to permanently remove the items, but by storing them in a self-storage facility, they will be on hand ready for when it’s ‘business as usual’!

Keeping secure data secure during and after lockdown

During the pandemic, it is likely you have been working from home.  It would be tempting to dispose of commercial waste in your own bins, avoiding cluttering up your home.  Not only is this a breach of data protection, but you are also risking the possibility of crimes such as fraud, and you could potentially be faced with fines. 

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to prove any confidential waste is destroyed of in a responsible manner, not only yours but your employees who are also working from home.

Offering your employees the option of temporary storage will prevent any possible data protection issues.  Confidential waste that is no longer needed could be taken to a secure facility where they provide an archive storage and confidential waste service.

At Flexible Storage Solutions, we can help you get back on track. We offer a reliable and professional self-storage and waste management service.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

Storage Solution for when you are downsizing your business premises

If you are a business owner and own or rent your premises, you will understand how difficult these unprecedented times are at the moment with the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Office space can be costly, and perhaps you have reached a point that downsizing your business seems like the only realistic option.  It is not an easy decision to make!  The reality is, to keep your business running and stay competitive, downsizing your office or storage space will reduce costs in the long run.

Benefits of downsizing

Running a successful business is stressful at the best of times.  From worrying about cash-flow, keeping you and your employees safe and in some cases, being unable to borrow as and when needed.  Most businesses will agree that if they find themselves in financial difficulty, by reducing upfront costs is key.

Although downsizing isn’t always a choice, there are several benefits to gain.  Not only are you freeing up your financial resources, but you will also be allowing greater flexibility by generating an additional income. 

Another benefit is being able to relocate.  Due to lowering your costs, you are more likely to improve your operations and allow new customers to find you.

When is it time to downsize your business?

It is unlikely you will wake up one morning and decide now is the time to downsize.  Chances are you have probably noticed a change in your finances over time, and will need a plan of action. Ask yourself the following questions!

  • Have you noticed an increase in your overheads?
  • Are you paying suppliers more money due to recession?
  • Have you noticed your sales have decreased dramatically and you are struggling to restock?
  • Is it impossible to undercut your competitors?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, the best option is to reassess your finances. Once you have made that decision, put together a plan and be proactive.

How can self-storage help your business?

Every business will benefit from taking stock of what they need and anything that is simply collecting dust.  When choosing self-storage for your business, this will be the perfect opportunity to have a clear out, making more room to expand.

With that said, all businesses will have a collection of paperwork they have stored over the years.  Some may include confidential information such as invoices and private records for your employees.

Flexible Storage Solutions covers Central London and the home counties, offering a self-storage service that will take care of your requirements. Not only will we keep your furniture and equipment safe, but we also have a confidential waste disposal service, destroying any data you no longer need to keep.

We offer a bespoke archive storage solution and can give you a price based on your individual needs. 

You can rest assured that whilst you are concentrating on keeping your business thriving, your belongings will be in safe hands.  We have various size units available and allow easy access as and when needed. For more information on how we can help with your self-storage needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Reasons why students could benefit from self-storage

Are you a student and finding it difficult to make space for your extra books and equipment? Perhaps you have taken up a hobby for when you are not studying, and your sports equipment is slowly taking over your room. Below are just some of the reasons a student can benefit from using self-storage.

Space has run out

As you look around your room, have you noticed less floor and workspace?  If so, it is time to consider having a sort out. Trying to concentrate in a cluttered environment can be difficult.  By choosing self-storage, you wont need to throw anything away, simply store it until you need the item again.

Avoid moving belongings between properties

Students tend to go back home every academic year.  Sometimes they will return to their original accommodation, whilst other times they will be moving into a new home on return.  Either way, you will want to avoid constantly moving your belongings with you.  By choosing self-storage, you will have peace of mind that your possessions are safe.

Create space for a hobby

Being a student at University is a stressful journey, and you will no doubt need an outlet.  Taking up a sport you enjoy will help take the pressure off, and give you something to do when you need a break from your books.  Some hobbies come with bulky equipment.  For example, you might enjoy kayaking.  A kayak isn’t an item you can pop in the wardrobe.  By choosing self-storage, you can safely store your equipment and take it out as and when you need it.

Keep your possessions safe

It is a strong possibility that starting University is the first time you have had to share a living space with somebody other than family.  It is not unusual to be concerned about the safety of your property.  It takes time to get to know your fellow students, and in the meantime, it would give you peace knowing your valuables are safe in self-storage.

Running an online business

Being a student can leave little time for anything else.  Some students will have a part-time job to earn extra money.  Online selling is a popular choice.  Perhaps you sell on eBay or Etsy and have crafts that you make on-demand.  Self-storage is the perfect solution to storing your stock between sales.

International students

There are over 40 higher education institutions in London, all of which have a good reputation.  It is not unusual for students to travel from other countries to study, and on occasion want to return home for their holidays.  By storing your possessions, you can avoid having to ship them home.

Cost effective storage solution

We understand that being a full-time student at University can be draining on your finances.  Flexible Storage allows students to store their possessions at reasonable prices.  Another option is to share the cost with your friends.  They will also benefit from freeing up some space.

Students who have been affected by Covid-19

2020 has been an unprecedented time for everyone.  People have been unable to work, and students have been put into lockdown all over the world.  For some students, they were fortunate enough to return home, whilst others have had to remain in their student accommodation. This has been especially difficult for students who have travelled for their studies from overseas.

If you have decided to return home temporarily, by choosing self-storage, you won’t have to worry about transporting your belongings.  They will be kept safe and secure, ready for when life starts to return to some form of normality.

Flexible Storage is located in West Thurrock.  Our storage facilities make it convenient to access belongings for students from London and the South East.

Should you require more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Declutter your home with Self-Storage

When you look around your home, do you think you have a clutter problem? Maybe you find it hard to throw items away that hold fond memories. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk’. Try telling that to your child who can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to their favourite teddy! Fortunately, they don’t have to if you consider hiring a self-storage unit. 

Clutter will not only affect the appearance of your home, but it can also have an impact on your mental wellbeing. Too much clutter and disorganisation can leave you feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even a little suffocated.  

If you find that you are having to constantly move items around, you struggle to find room for new ‘things’, or you have an overwhelming feeling of stress, it is probably time to have a clear out. 

When the time comes to declutter, you can put pretty much anything into a safe and secure self-storage unit. Here are just a few suggestions:

Overflowing wardrobes  

We are all guilty of holding on to that top that no longer fits! Hoping one day, we might squeeze back into it. Or maybe you have a wardrobe for every season. Pack it up and move it out! You can still keep hold of your collection of ‘old faithful’s’, but until you need them again, they will be safe, clean and dry in a self-storage facility. 

Christmas Decorations 

Guilty! Christmas has been and gone, and three months later they are either packed away in an overloaded loft collecting dust or worse still they are sitting in the hallway. Add them to your list of items that can be stored away and only bring out when needed.

Camping and Sports Equipment 

When Winter arrives, chances are you won’t be bringing out the camping gear. Maybe hold on to the fishing rods, but the sleeping bags can be stored away until the sun is shining once more. 

Music / Book Collection 

If you are a bookworm or enjoy listening to music, chances are you have built up a collection over the years. Whilst books and CD’s are great to keep, especially if they are classics, they can take up so much space. Book pages are more likely to discolour whilst sitting on a shelf collecting dust than they will be safely boxed up, in a secure self-storage unit. 

Spare Room

Do you have a spare room? More commonly known as ‘the junk room’! Maybe you have been meaning to clear it out and create an office space, or perhaps a toy room for your children. Either way, if there are items you want to keep but don’t need regularly, they can be stored away until such time you do.

Sheds or Garages

When you run out of room in the house, it tends to start overflowing to sheds and garages. You soon realise it’s a problem when the car no longer has a place ‘to live’! Pack it, store it and move the car back in.

Antiques and old Furniture

We all like to hold on to family heirlooms, not just for financial value, but because they may create fond memories. However, it doesn’t mean to say it matches the décor! You might not be a fan of the ‘antique look’ but can’t bear to part with it. That is where self-storage comes in handy. You can rest assured that your furniture will be kept safe and won’t discolour from sitting in the spare room facing the sun all day.

Finally, here are some tips to remember when questioning if you need to declutter:

  • If you haven’t needed it for some time, how can it be useful?
  • You will no longer put off inviting people over because you are embarrassed? Or worse still, more concerned with where they can sit!
  • Remember, space doesn’t have to be filled.
  • Declutter your home, declutter the mind.
  • It will be one less thing to clean.

For more information about our self-storage units, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

The Need For Archive Storage When Working From Home

With the pandemic still clutching the world, many businesses have been forced to ask their employees to work from home. By working from home, many business owners and employees alike may have this false understanding that GDPR rules don’t apply to them any more. The truth is, you couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, this is where business’s, small or large, should be extremely cautious on how they handle information, especially documents containing personal details.

With employees quickly adapting to their new-found working environment, it’s easy to get lazy or complacent with how you handle any form of work related document. In the comfort of your own home, it’s not uncommon for people to put documents in a compromising location. We’re all guilty of leaving documents on the side where an unsuspecting loved-one may consider it rubbish and accidentally throw it away. For obvious reasons, this is a big problem.

Any organisation with a strong management team will have their own adequate approach to handling data for the best possible protection. However, if no clear rules have laid out then its absolutely imperative for employees to take it upon themselves to do the right thing. After all, if the worst were to happen, it would leave you at risk of losing your job or receiving necessary punishment.

With this is mind, we think it’s important that every business consider the option of collecting employees work related documents for archived storage. It goes without saying that archive storage has a multitude of benefits. So how will this benefit businesses working from home?

Why is it important for businesses to consider doing this?
For us, that’s an obvious answer. With every one of your employees working from home, it’s almost impossible to see the extent of personal documentation printed. For all you know, some of your employees may have taken older documentation home with them before the lockdown ensued. Depending on your line of work, it may be incredibly important to retain this information for future reference. The only way to protect your
customers and yourselves is to ask all employees to gather and store any work related documentation for the anticipated return to office.

You can’t leave anything to chance!
Every company out there wants to be seen as employee and customer friendly. The best way to achieve this is by being completely open, honest & transparent. It’s simply not good enough to trust every individual to be handling critical information correctly in their place of comfort. You should never leave anything to chance, especially when its actually for the broader benefit of everyone involved. Given how many months have passed, archive storage is undoubtedly the smartest choice to make.

What’s the best plan of action?
As lockdown measures slowly lift across the country, your companies handling of GDPR should have been outlined months ago. If you’re still uncertain on the best way to tackle what could be a mammoth task for you, we can only suggest the following,

  1. Ask all employees to gather any and all written or printed work related documentation
  2. Have a dedicated individual to collect these documents from all employees
  3. Store these documents in individually named & dated binders, folders or wallets
  4. Request a quote or call us for an understanding on costs and time frames

    If there’s any uncertainty regarding the need for this documentation in the future, we would still recommend Archived storage as the choice to make. For more information on archiving documents and the full list of benefits, please visit (here) linked