Archive Storage for Probate Lawyers

Despite much digitalisation of the legal professional, some aspects still require traditional letters and paper documents. Research by Exizent revealed that 80% of probate cases require a minimum of 10 letters to be sent whilst 33% of probate cases require up to 50 letters to be sent to parties involved. 

With so many letters and pieces of paperwork being sent backwards and forwards, it is no surprise that the probate industry is very paper heavy. Archive storage is a great solution for legal professionals in the probate industry, and here’s why.


Many legal professionals have made the decision to downsize their offices or move to remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A smaller office, of course, means less storage space. This is a challenge for those working in probate as so many documents need to be stored during the probate process and with some probate cases taking years to resolve, this can cause a big problem. 

Our archive storage offers a secure facility to store important documents. Whether you are a small legal firm that requires a couple of boxes or a larger firm that requires many more, Flexible Storage Solutions can help. Our archive storage service also includes indexing of documents and file management, so should you require documents stored in our archive facility, we can access them quickly for you.

Regulatory compliant

For those working in the legal profession, compliance with data and privacy laws is of upmost importance. Our archive storage service complies with GDPR regulations as well as data protection laws. We pride ourselves on the safe and secure storage of any documents in our care when utilising our archive storage service, and to provide further peace of mind, all of our staff are security vetted.

A bespoke archive storage service

As a legal professional, your job is stressful enough without having to think about where to securely store your clients’ documents. Flexible Storage Solutions can take care of every aspect of archive storage. Our team can collect, index, and store all your records and documents in our secure archiving facility. We also offer an online file management service that will provide you with full access to manage and retrieve documents via our website. 

Archive storage is a great option for those working in probate, particularly as probate documents are required to be retained for a minimum of 16 years. To discuss how Flexible Storage Solutions can support your business with our archive storage service, please contact the team on 0800 52 1117 or use our online contact form. 

June 18, 2021