How will a document management system benefit your company?

Many businesses encounter day-to-day issues as a result of using an outdated or inefficient document management system. Such issues are often related to the use of paper documents – which usually need to be kept in physical form for reasons of legality and security – and the lack of a digital system for tracking and locating those papers.

Some of these issues are as follows:

  • Loss of documents due to damage or poor management
  • Badly filed paperwork that is difficult to locate
  • Lack of office space due to excessive physical storage
  • Insecure and unprotected data
  • Lost man hours due to poor retrieval time
  • Compliance issues and difficulties with company policy

All of these problems can add up to create a situation in which companies are losing money and wasting time as a result of poor document management. But none of these issues are incurable, and especially in the wake of GDPR it is important that businesses take measures to improve their handling of physical documents. In this post, we’ll be looking at the benefits managing your documents with the assistance of an external company like Flexible Storage.

More space, less storage

Whether you paperwork is kept in filing cabinets or storage boxes, both can take up large amounts of valuable space in your office. As such, perhaps the most obvious benefit of an external document management system is the fact that it can free up a significant amount of space and give you more room – both physically and financially – to grow your business.

If all of your paper documents were to be moved out of the office, securely processed and barcoded for easy access, you would benefit from increased floor space and fewer costs. This in turn frees up space for more desks and employees; the effects could be transformative!

Faster retrieval

When you have an abundance of physical documents to rummage through, finding the right one can be a big headache – or at least when you don’t have the necessary procedures in place! You may not even have the means to determine whether the document is held in your system, let alone how and where to find it.

Here at Flexible Storage, we offer the service of documenting and tracking all the documents and boxes you keep in storage with us. By giving each file a unique barcode, our customers can directly login to our online management control system and securely access the information which will confirm where the file they require is located.

Overall, this helps ensure the safety of all documents during the storage process and even in transit, including the ability locate any file in just a few clicks. The upshot is that you can then run your business safe in the knowledge that all your papers are fully secure and easily locatable.

Better security

It is the responsibility of a business to ensure that documents cannot get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, there is a unique risk associated with keeping physical documents – confidential papers are often taken out of the office and kept in completely insecure conditions, free for anyone to access.

Plus, there are risks within the office. A good portion of data breaches originate from an internal source; anyone with a key to your filing cabinets could leak documents and compromise the safety of your company.

While no method of storage is without its risks, document management systems at Flexible Storage come close! All your files are not only kept safe in heavy-duty storage with 24hr CCTV, but they are also barcoded and tracked through our online system. In the event that a document has been taken out of the office, our barcoding system will still allow you to easily locate the file.

GDPR compliance

Under the GDPR, it’s imperative that all companies holding sensitive personal data – including patients records, staff records, legal records, and financial records – are taking all the necessary measures to protect such data. While physical documents may need to be kept for a certain retention period, this does not mean you should risk non-compliance by keeping them stored in unsafe locations with insufficient management.

However, with the ability to barcode and track each file they keep in our storage facilities, Flexible Storage customers can guarantee strict compliance with the GDPR due to the improved retrieval our service offers. All sensitive data is kept secure and access is quick and efficient.

You can easily locate the files you need to access or manage, request certain files for delivery, and determine which files are due for destruction – all of this helps stay in line with the GDPR. Ultimately, by using a company that has ample knowledge and experience with data protection, you can focus on the growth and success of your business rather than matters of compliance.

Get in touch with one of our professional storage consultants to learn more about our document management service and receive a tailored quote.

What are shredding consoles and how can they benefit your business?

Despite many efforts to make it a reality, the paperless office is still an idealistic concept. But paper documents can present a whole host of risks and complications for any business, especially when you consider the strict requirements set out in the recent GDPR legislation.

One of these complications is the fact that paper documents need to be destroyed securely in order for a business to ensure compliance and total protection. Confidential data that is no longer needed – usually due to its retention period coming to an end – cannot simply be jammed into a filing cabinet or thrown in the bin. This is a risk to both the business responsible for the data and the person to whom the data belongs – a risk which, in the wake of the GDPR, businesses simply cannot afford to ignore. This raises the question…

What’s a business to do?

With paper documents being a necessary way of carrying personal data for many businesses (namely in the legal and financial sectors), the majority have defined rules and procedures in place to ensure that papers are destroyed in a secure manner when they are no longer needed.

Some of these protocols will be safer and more efficient than others. The majority of companies use shredders for the daily destruction of documents, leaving employees to manually dispose of shreddable waste and spend their valuable time standing by the shredder. For obvious reasons, this can pose logistical problems to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a business.

Furthermore, office shredders do not always guarantee total security. Standard models often leave shredded documents open to the possibility of being reassembled. Particle-cut shredders are the only standard office models that 100% guarantee total destruction of all documents that pass through their teeth – and these come with a hefty price tag!

An exciting alternative

Flexible Storage offer a brilliant alternative to the high-risk, time-consuming, and cost-intensive office shredding practices of old. Our secure shredding service offers businesses professional standards of compliance and safety while ensuring simplicity and peace of mind.

Taking the burden of shredding out of employee hands, this service allows them to spend less of their time and effort shredding and focus more on their main duties. Likewise, by incorporating an end-to-end disposal solution with the help of an external body, employers can allocate resources to more lucrative ventures within the business.

And what’s the hidden secret? Our shredding contracts usually require businesses to use a simple but effective piece of office equipment called a shredding console.

What is a shredding console?

A shredding console (a.k.a a confidential waste disposal console) is a secure and lockable container used for disposing confidential papers without taking the time to manually shred them yourself. They are also often referred to as confidential waste bins or lockable waste paper cabinets. Workers can place their shreddable papers into the console with no hassle – just like placing them into a normal waste paper bin. The difference is that shredding consoles are locked and secured, so once the paper is inserted, there is no way of getting it back unless you have a key.

At Flexible Storage, we can rent these shredding consoles out to your business as part of our secure document shredding service. You may keep any number of consoles in your office and our team will come to empty them at regular intervals. The sack inside the console is replaced, with the used sack being secured and taken back to our site for processing and destruction.

These used sacks are always treated with the highest standards of security and compliance: they are transported securely by vetted drivers, processed on our fully secure shredding site before entering industrial-grade shredders and pulverisers for 100% guaranteed destruction. Your sensitive papers never risk falling into the wrong hands after being placed into the console.

We are able to do this on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the quantity of shreddable waste your business produces. We will provide your office with an appropriate number of shredding consoles based on the size of your business and the information handled. Plus, the waste you choose to dispose of is not limited to paper documents. We can also destroy CDs, data tapes, USB drives, and other electronic forms of data storage.

How can this benefit your business?

It should be immediately clear why using these shredding consoles is an effective alternative to manually shredding your confidential documents or leaving them in unsecured storage units. There are various ways that secure shredding can benefit employees, customers, employees, and your business as a whole:

  • Security – Any documents placed in the shredding consoles are kept safe behind secure locks and cannot be accessed; they only come into contact with the fully-licensed waste carriers who empty the consoles for disposal and transport them for shredding. This will significantly reduce the chance of your documents being compromised, heighten the level of security in your business and improve your compliance record.
  • Compliance – Storing and destroying personal data comes with certain legal responsibilities with which all businesses should be familiar, namely the recent GDPR. This regulation dictates the way in which confidential documents should be disposed of for optimum security and protection of sensitive information. Flexible Storage are fully compliant with all relevant bodies, including GDPR, ISO, and BS EN security standards. Each batch of shredded paperwork comes with a certificate of destruction for legal proof.
  • Efficiency – Having us take care of your shredding and document disposal is a simple way to save your business time and money. Not only will employees be spending less time shredding but they will also have more time to generate revenue for the business. Furthermore, shredding consoles remove the need to spend large amounts on pricey office shredders with the capacity to securely destroy documents, as well as the costs involved in maintaining and repairing such equipment when necessary.

If you’re sold on the idea of a secure document shredding service and simply cannot wait to depart with that clunky office shredder, please get in touch to get a quote, make an appointment and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly storage consultants.