How to choose the right document storage business

Business documents often contain sensitive and confidential information. This means storing them within your company archives and protecting them from malicious parties are top priorities. From important invoices and employee records to company contracts and previous bills of sale, these documents will help you grow your company and keep track of your business in future.

However, all these important documents can become cluttered and disordered over time if you fail to store and organise them properly. This will complicate your company archives and increase the time and effort it takes to find individual documents when you need them most. Therefore, choosing the perfect document storage business for your company’s needs may present the best solution after all.

It’s important for companies experiencing such dilemmas to realise that the process of storing, archiving, managing, and accessing documents can extend beyond in-house systems. For example, using filing cabinets and storage units to store physical documents – these take up both floor space and employee time. By outsourcing your archives to a professional document storage business you can increase efficiency, save money, free up space, and ultimately further expand your business as a result.

In this post, we’ll take you through the main factors to consider when deciding which storage company to entrust your company archives with.


All UK businesses are responsible for protecting their confidential and sensitive documents. This is absolutely essential if they are to remain in compliance with the Data Protection Act, which requires that companies store each of their documents in a safe and secure place.

Therefore, you need to make sure that any document storage business you choose is both aware of and committed to the relevant legislation. They should be upholding the highest standards necessary to stay within the government’s regulations for data protection. This will not only add to the legality and authenticity of your business, but also guarantee the privacy and security of your company archives in the long term.


There’s no point in archive storage if you cannot access individual documents as and when you need them through a safe and controlled process. Efficiency is key when you need to access a certain document, so it’s important that your chosen document storage business has the ability to supply the right documents quickly, accurately, and safely.

Many archive storage services will manage your documents via online systems, retrieving individual files for you immediately by sending you a scanned copy either in the post or through email. Some companies may also send you physical copies of any document they hold in storage by delivering it to you in person. If the immediate return of documents in storage is a top priority for your business then you should definitely ask about the access services on offer.


The right document storage business will ensure the highest standards of security and safety, and no company should settle for anything less when outsourcing their internal documentation. Make note of the security within the storage site as well as the means by which data is stored. You want their storage conditions to be protected from risk and theft since you’re entrusting them with your must sensitive materials.

Do they store documents in boxes that are designed to resist fire and water damage? Do they use durable materials, packing tape, and bubble wrap? Does the site have 24 hour security with CCTV and regular patrols? Are their online document management services controlled, fully encrypted, and safe for your employees to access? Lastly, is the environment in which documents are kept at a suitable temperature to avoid long term damage to your company records? You should only consider storage solutions which tick off all these boxes to ensure the optimum level of security for your business.


All companies need to realise the value of outsourcing document storage not just in terms of security and efficiency, but also in terms of monetary value and the cost saved in the process. You should look to choose an affordable document storage business in line with your budget, but you should also note that these services often pay for themselves due to the opportunities they offer your company.

You will save money on storage equipment such as cabinets, boxes, and units, as well as open up more space in which to expand your business and free up time with which to focus your efforts on more lucrative tasks. When you don’t have to waste employee time on storing, organising, and managing company archives, you will be able to delegate your workforce in ways that are more directly productive. As such, you should look towards document storage services which help save money and drive efficiency.


With various packages on offer alongside data management, scanning, and shredding services, our priority is to meet the long and short term needs of your company while keeping all your documents as safe and secure as possible. Feel free to get in touch to make an appointment and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly storage consultants.

Saving money with archive storage solutions

Internally storing company documents in filing cabinets and on racks comes at a high price. Although it may seem like the most obvious way to deal with large backlogs and data archives, it is by no means the cheapest and most efficient.

To adequately deal with company archives you should not only be making sure that your documents are being stored safely and securely, but also that they are being stored at the minimum expense so that you can focus on the future. Once you are aware of how quickly internal archive systems can eat up money and resources, the benefits of external archive storage solutions will become more clear.

Outsourcing your document archives to an external storage facility will help cut on spending, prevent data loss, delegate resources efficiently, and organise documents more effectively. Perhaps the main takeaway from this blog post is that external storage ultimately pays for itself due to the space it saves and the freedom it permits. Let’s take a closer look at how…

Saving space with archive storage solutions

With the cost of office space being so high (especially in capital cities with increased demand), companies should be getting value for money out of their premises by making the most out of their space. The average cost of office space in the City of London (ft2 per year) is around £63, therefore the overall cost of storing internal archives in city offices can rack up incredibly quickly.

For example, using filing cabinets that take up 8ft2 will end up costing a total of £504 per year – more money than most people are willing to spend on storing archive documents which are rarely accessed or used. External storage facilities charge a much lower cost on the whole, saving you plenty of unnecessary expense on archiving.

More space = more opportunity

Moving your company archive documents into external storage will immediately free up space, allowing you to either downsize your office and prevent unnecessary costs or use the new space for something a lot more cost effective. If your office has an entire room for archives, external archive storage solutions will grant your company more space in which to expand.

Whether this means hiring more staff, buying extra equipment, or building a meeting room, using the space in a way that generates revenue for your company will prove more lucrative than using it for keeping old archives. If growing your company demands a bit of extra room, you should consider outsourcing your document storage to a document management service and make the most out of any valuable office space that opens up as a result.

Focus on the things that matter

When you outsource archive storage through an external service you will no longer have to spend time organising and searching for company documents in your internal archive system. The process of creating and maintaining inventories can take up a lot of valuable time and effort, which is especially problematic when your workforce is smaller and maximum efficiency is key. Your employees could no doubt be spending their working day on more important tasks that will directly benefit your company – so why not cut out the red tape?

Outsourcing your archives does not necessarily mean losing control of them. Quite the contrary. Document storage services will happily take the helm and relieve you of your storage duties. They will not only store your archives in a safe and secure location with alarms and 24hr CCTV, but also manage your documents by logging each one and keeping a secure online database. When you require access to any of your documents they can either scan and email them to you or retrieve the physical copy for speedy delivery. Give your employees more time and energy, and your company will likely benefit from more effective operation as a result.

.With various packages on offer alongside data management, scanning, and shredding services, our priority is to meet the long and short term needs of your company while keeping all your documents as safe and secure as possible. Feel free to get in touch to make an appointment and discuss your requirements with one of our friendly storage consultants.